​​​​​​​​Home Style Step-In

Bath Conversions


​Dartmouth, NS


Home Style Step-In Bath Conversions is Nova Scotia's bath tub to shower conversion specialists.  We are bringing safety, dignity and independence back to seniors and people with mobility issues one bath tub at a time. We simply cut out a small section of the existing bath tub and replace it with an insert so that the customer is able to step "through" the bath tub instead of over it.  The step reduction is much more manageable for seniors or people with mobility issues.

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The installation process takes approximately 2 hours and has no impact on the existing plumbing, flooring or walls. The inserts are made of a flexible, durable and textured polyethylene.  The inserts also come in difference sizes to get just the right fit for your bath tub. The bath tub inserts are made in Canada so you can be assured it is a quality product.

​A bath tub insert is a quick and economical decision compared to a costly and stressful, disruptive bathroom renovation.  It is fast, safe, simple and affordable and is perfect for seniors living in their own home or people with mobility issues. The cost of the insert is $895 plus tax.